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At Wisconsin Stem Cell Institute, we are a team of medical professionals dedicated to educating our current and future patients. Our goal is to help you make the best decisions for your health, outside of the traditional symptom-based drug and surgery method of healthcare.

Our team of medical professionals includes Orthopedics, Pain Management, Family Practice, and Anti-Aging. Our purpose is to give patients the best-individualized program designed to not only alleviate pain, but to improve their quality of life. Our expertise with surgical procedures and understanding of the complexity of acute and chronic pain is combined with a kind bedside manner that is invaluable to our team. If you’re tired of being treated like just a number, and are looking for medical providers that focus on your needs, then look no further.

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What Others Say

“Before getting the treatment I was having pain when walking and couldn’t sleep on either side. Around the 3 month mark was when I had improvement of pain and function. Around the 4th month I was exercising again, could sleep on my side. I walked 13 miles in one day at Lake Geneva!!”

“I was experiencing constant burning pain inside my knee. I had very limited function, limped, tighteness, afraid of straightening leg, and felt weak with no stability. Probably within a few days, I saw small signs of improvement. After about 2 weeks, I felt confident there were signs of change. I am very comfortable now at stairs, walking 6 miles, bending and stretching, and putting weight on my knee. (very stable now) I would highly recommend it. Keep up the physical therapy and exercises to progress with the recovery”

“Before coming to Wisconsin stem cell it was extremely hard and painful to kneel and get back up. Up and down stairs or a ladder was painful. Following the procedure, my pain was gone the same day. My mobility was very evident within two weeks. The biggest thing was no need for pain medication.”

“Before the treatment, I had pain radiating down the back of my left leg with constant low back pain. Inability to walk any distance without increasing pain. At the two-week mark, I had some pain relief which gradually improved to 85% pain relief. I am impressed by the staff and have every confidence in the therapy.”

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